The menu below displays a sample of the types of dishes that can be prepared. They will not all be available to choose at any one sitting, usually one or two dishes will be available for selection from each course. Guests are able to discuss preferred menu options with the management 24 hours prior. Additional options are available for young children and those with special dietary requirements.

A 3 course meal will be charged at approximately between £26 - £32 per person excluding drinks and dependent on your selection.

Octopus salad
Crunchy tuna salad
Fish pâté, anchovies with capers, toasted bread with olive oil
Dalmatian smoked ham with melon and olives
Soft sheep cheese with tomatoes, fresh herbs and olive oil
Fish soup
Traditional vegetables soup
Lentil soup
Swiss chard and fennel risotto
Gnocchi with gorgonzola sauce
Freshly cooked prawns served with seafood sauce

Grilled fish and vegetables
Grilled tuna steak with Swiss chard
Seafood risotto  
Shellfish spaghetti  
Sautéed squid and potatoes  
Local lamb and roast potatoes with rosemary
Roast chicken with Mediterranean herbs and vegetables
Steak with mushroom sauce and gnocchi
Grilled steak with rocket and potato salad
Braised calf’s liver with mashed potatoes

Pancakes with chocolate and nuts
Ice cream
Strudel with fresh fruits
Cheese and fruit platter
Almond cake with chocolate sauce

Spaghetti Bolognese
Ham and cheese omelette
Grilled hamburger
Veal escalope with French fries
Pizza bruschetta
Chicken noodle soup