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Currencies accepted

All major currencies accepted when paying online by credit card.


How does it work?

Prices quoted and confirmed on the website and on your e-mail invoice are in pounds sterling.

When you go to pay online, the payment system will auto-detect your bank card’s currency and you will be offered a choice of paying in Pounds Sterling or a competitive rate in your own local currency.





The following currencies are currently accepted:

Euro (EUR)
US Dollars (USD)
Australian Dollar (AUD)
Canadian Dollar (CAD)
Danish Krone (DKK)
Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)
Israeli Shekel (ILS)
Japanese Yen (JPY)
Israeli Shekel (ILS)
New Zealand Dolar (NZD)
Norwegian Krone (NOK)
Soudi Arabian Riyal (SAR)
South African Rand (ZAR)
Sterling (GBP)
Swedish Krona (SEK)
Swiss Franc (CHF)
Turkish Lira (TRY)
UAE Dirham (AED)