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Guest Menu for Villa SL003

Menus are a guide and to give an indication of the type of cuisine that can be prepared. Tailored menus can be put together on request along with a final price quote


Sparkling wine per bottle (1 bottle = 7 persons) from £45 per bottle.
Canapes – £6 per person (approximately 2 canapes per person)

Canape Suggestions:

Meat: Prosciutto, Ham and ‘Kulen’ (Croatian Spicy Sausage).
Fish: Tuna, shrimp and anchovies
Vegetarian: Cheese, vegetables, rocket, tomorrow shooter.

Wedding Lunch/Dinner

Buffet BBQ meal – from £40 / person
• Pork belly
• Stuffed chicken
• „Čevapčići“ (minced meat kebabs)
• Sausages on the grill
• French fries
• Various salads
• Bread
• Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard.
A supplement for fish is available on request.

Fish menu 1 – £75 / person

• Octopus Carpaccio with rocket and mustard sauce
• Marinated shrimps with wild orange and olive oil
• Fish pate with radicchio

• Adriatic White Fish Soup

Main course:
• Rooster fish filet and tuna steak on the grill
• Swiss chard with potatoes
• Cherry tomatoes
• Olive oil drizzle flavoured with parsley and garlic

• Cake and fruit cream desert.
• Warmed cake slices with mascarpone cream and fresh fruit.
• Coffee/tea

Fish menu 2 – £120 / person

• Crab mousse
• Shrimp shooter cocktail

• Smoked tuna with Grana Padano
• Royal Octopus

Warm appetizer:
• Homemade pasta with lobster and scallops

Main course:
• Filet of sea bass with butter
• Grilled & baked leeks
• Carrot puree
• Seasonal vegetables with olive oil

• Carobs and wild orange gateau
• Coffee / tea

Meat menu 1 – £75 / person

• Smoked ham and cheese selection
• Goats cheese wrapped in bacon
• Duck Confit with salad

• Beef Soup and dumplings

Main course:
• Grilled chicken filet with demi-glace sauce
• Slow cooked pork belly
• Pea puree
• Seasonal vegetables

• Chocolate mousse
• Homemade crème caramel with fruit
• Coffee / Tea

Meat menu 2 – £120 / person

• Crispy Chicken skin with black garlic
• Tomato shooter cocktail

• Roast beef
• Mozzarella & tomato
• Duck liver

Warm appetizer:
• Mushroom risotto

Main course:
• Lamb chops
• Veal filet
• Salota onion puree
• Seasonal vegetables
• Red wine sauce

• Honey Cheesecake with apple puree
• Coffee / Tea

Vegetarian menu – £60 / person

• Rocket mousse with salad
• Focaccia with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil

• Mozzarella & tomatoes
• Salad

Main course:
• Risotto with seasonal vegetables and mushrooms

• Chocolate cake with Baileys Cream
• Coffee / Tea

Pool party and midnight snack (drinks not included)

Option 1 from £11 per person

Cevapcici , speciality minced kebab
Grilled sausages
French Fries
Grilled tuna
Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard

Option 2 from £16 per person
Vegetable Soup
Chicken Skewers
French fries
Sea Bass Fillet
Baked Vegetables
Seasonal Salad
Ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard