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Luxury villa in Croatia to provide perfect holiday for many this summer.

Tourists may wish to enjoy the trip of a lifetime by booking a luxury villa in Croatia.
A luxury villa in Croatia may be the ideal setting for a relaxing holiday this summer, alongside one of the world’s most beautiful seas.
Croatia, with its unspoilt and attractive Dalmatian coast stretching the length of the Adriatic Sea, is the destination of choice for stars such as Michael Schumacher, Bill Gates and Ralph Fiennes – all of whom have taken breaks or live in the country.
And throughout the hottest months of 2010 it could be visited by scores of tourists from around the world, all eager to lap up the Mediterranean sun and lie back on golden, sandy beaches.
Perhaps the most popular place to enjoy a luxury villa in Croatia is the ancient city of Dubrovnik, located in the deep south of the nation.
Here, travellers are treated to one of Europe’s most breathtaking cities – dubbed the Pearl of the Adriatic – where intertwining streets and alleys make for a web of discovery.
Quaint cobbles lay as far as the eye can see, while visitors enjoy drinks and authentic Croatian cuisine at the numerous bars and restaurants.
And tourists can retreat to their luxury villa in Croatia, which could be located anywhere from Dubrovnik’s old town centre to right alongside the waves or up in the surrounding mountains.
Indeed, Mount Srdj, which overlooks the city, is likely to be particularly popular this year, as people take advantage of the brand new cable car that will link city with mountain peak.
But for those looking to get away from the city altogether, a luxury villa in other parts of Croatia could be even more tempting.
The Istria and Kvarner regions in the north are renowned for natural beauty, national parks and magnificent rivieras. Consider a stay at one of our luxury Istrian villas.
Meanwhile, Split, itself a Unesco World Heritage site, is a popular and enthralling destination packed with luxury villas and quality accommodation.
Whatever part of the beautiful country is chosen, Croatian Villas can be relied upon to offer an extensive choice of accommodation to suit any type of trip.