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Croatia Favourite Villa Moment


Code: BR013A

Favourite moment:

“Soaking in the sunset on our private terrace with a drink in hand.”

Code: BR002A

Favourite moment:

“When the owner bought us up a bottle of their family wine & a plate of local cheese and ham to enjoy on the balcony!! Brilliant.”


Code: IS095

Favourite moment:

“Cooking sea bass and having it by sunset with malvasia white wine and a view over Rovinj.”

Code: DU057

Favourite moment:

“Morning on the terrace having breakfast in the cool breeze and hearing the birds.”

Code: TG017

Favourite moment:

“The view to the ocean from the balcony every morning.”


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Code: SB008


Favourite moment:

“When we arrived and saw the villa…In that moment I just knew that we had a great week ahead of us!”


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Code: DU052E

Favourite moment:

“Swimming in the pool with the sun shining down.”