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Dubrovnik City and Region

Holidays in Dubrovnik and the surrounding area.

Dating back to the early part of the seventh century, the city of Dubrovnik boasts a long and chequered history that has    helped to shape what is now one of Europe’s premier holiday destinations.Whether tourists are searching for a short city break or a week in the sun, choosing Dubrovnik can only be considered a wise move.It is, in part, Dubrovnik’s location that makes it such a fascination for visitors – the towering Mount Srd on one side is complemented by the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea on the other. In between lies a maze of winding streets and historic buildings, with the most iconic and special structures largely found within the perimeter of the famous city walls.

The walls are the most recognisable feature of Dubrovnik and a source of interest to the thousands of tourists that flock to them each month. Built soon after the city’s construction, the barriers were strong enough as early as the ninth century to keep out the invading Saracens and have been a highlight of the destination ever since.

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TOP 5 things to do in Dubrovnik and area

1. Walk the route along the top of the ancient walls that once guarded the city.

2. Take the cable car to the top of Mount Srd for beautiful views across both the city and Adriatic Sea.

3. Visit the Franciscan Monastery, which dates back to the 14th century and contains a museum of manuscripts.

4. Spend time in the Old Town area, wandering the labyrinth like streets and open squares which are protected as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

5. Experience Rector’s Palace, widely regarded as one of Dubrovnik’s top museums.

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Dubrovnik City Walls

Today, all 1,940 metres of the walls remain and provide a scenic walking route for visitors to follow, typically taking about an hour to complete.

It is important to remember there is plenty more to Dubrovnik, with the city – often dubbed the Pearl of the Adriatic – renowned as a cultural hub.

Many immortal works of literature were created in the resort during the 15th and 16th centuries, while there are also strong musical traditions.

Taking a stroll down Stradun is another enjoyable pastime, with a range of independent shops, restaurants and thriving cafes lining the attractive street.

Elsewhere in Dubrovnik region, travellers can venture out into the beautiful countryside, home to much of Croatia’s wine-producing industry.

Dozens of islands dotted around the Adriatic are also accessible thanks to the numerous ferry services leaving Dubrovnik’s harbour area, with the most popular including Korcula and Mljet.