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Guide to holidays on Hvar

The sun-drenched coast of Croatia offers easy access to many of the 1,200-plus islands located in the Adriatic Sea – among them Hvar, seen by many as the most glamorous of all.

Hvar has always been a place very much in demand, from the days when it was regarded as an important nautical and strategic position to its current status as a tourist hotspot.

Its climate ensures it is visited all-year round as warm winters give way to sizzling summers and beautiful scenery.

From the turquoise waters of the numerous harbours and beaches that line the coast to the golden sands and pure blue of the sky, Hvar is an idyllic picture postcard that has burst into life. With some renown travel writers and observers identifying the spot as one of the world’s ten most beautiful islands. But Hvar is not all about sitting back and topping up the tan, as it also boasts a wealth of culture for visitors to get their teeth into.

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TOP 5 things to do on Hvar Island

1. Explore the bays and coves that line the coast of Hvar. Stop for photographs in some of the most beautiful spots or lie back for a sunbathing session in paradise.

2. Visit the town of Stari Grad, which is said to be the oldest in Croatia. Meaning Old Town in English, Stari Grad is the historic and cultural hub of the island.

3. Spend a morning in central Hvar attempting to mount some of the island’s highest peaks.

4. Join an organised boat trip and go dolphin spotting in the picturesque surroundings of the Mediterranean.

5. Enjoy a meal at a local restaurant and feast on Hvar delicacies such as olives and wine. Alternatively, take a trip to nearby vineyards for a more authentic experience and purchase a bottle or two to take home.

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Hvar is a vibrant and cultural spot for an island getaway.

Home to vast vineyards, lavender fields and olive trees, a scenic walk or two is never far away and those looking to pick up some local ingredients for a tasty dish will have plenty to choose from.

The capital – Hvar Town – is a vibrant spot with a pleasant mix of thriving bars and nightlife and romantic beachside cafes. Dating back to prehistoric times, the island’s main resort offers something for everybody, from those looking to simply relax to others intent on a voyage of discovery and education.

Alternatively, the ancient town of Stari Grad is sure to be to the liking of every true history buff, with the most special parts of the destination listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thanks to excellent ferry links, a getaway on Hvar can make up the bulk of a holiday in Croatia or merely a day trip from one of the premier cities on the mainland, as boats run regularly and take less than two hours.