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Take a break in Kvarner for magic in the mountains.

Kvarner may not be the first region of Croatia that springs to mind when considering a holiday in the sun-drenched country, but those seeking something a little different may find all they wish for in the area.

In Kvarner the rich blue tones of the Adriatic Sea and idyllic beaches are complemented by dominating mountain ranges and thick forests. Indeed, many of the local and ancient traditions have been born out of living in a spot where geography presents not only a daily challenge, but also a reward.

The potential to take a dip in the turquoise waters off the Dalmatian coast or hire a boat to cruise around the numerous nearby islands remains as strong as it is anywhere in Croatia, but move in the opposite direction and a whole new breath-taking adventure unfolds in front of a your eyes.

The glorious Riviera is formed by streams and waterways that weave through the hillsides that make up the heart of this holiday hotspot with more than 150 years of history welcoming visitors.

TOP 5 things to do in Kvarner Gulf.

1. Visit the ancient Roman amphitheatre in Pula, arguably the town’s most famous building and a wonder of days gone by.

2. Wander around the Lungo Mare area of Opatija – one of the most historic and tranquil walking zones in the world.

3. Stroll along the picturesque promenade in Rijeka, stopping to quench a thirst with an ice-cold drink or to take a closer look at one of the boats in the gleaming harbour.

4. Go inside the Church of Our Lady of the Sea in Pula, which is renowned for its intricate design and special possessions.

5. Visit the Roman arch in Rijeka and learn more about its fascinating history that dates back hundreds of years.

The mountains and forests of Kvarner define the region.

Kvarner is not all about natural beauty and relaxation, though, as it is also home to some of Croatia’s most prestigious towns.

Opatija is a trendy location for a cultural break, boasting a 12 km promenade that looks simply sensational underneath the summer sun. Among the top sights to look out for in Opatija are the Helios and Selena Fountain, St Jakov’s Church and the Madonna del Mare statue – all of which are well worth a visit.

Elsewhere in the region, Rijeka is a popular destination with jet-setters taking a break in Croatia, as the resort dates back to the seventh century and features landmarks such as the Municipal Palace.

Kvarner is surely the popular choice for the discerning traveller with time to explore an untapped gem of Europe.