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Island of Vis is the ultimate romantic getaway.

Britons looking for a spot brimming at the seams with romance and passion in which to spend a short break with their lover should consider the Croatian island of Vis.

Surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the Adriatic Sea, the destination is a tremendous blend of picturesque history and stunning natural scenery.

Its coast is packed with bays and coves that are just right for those who would like to while away the hours with a special someone on a deserted sandy beach.

Of course, a bright and warm climate can be expected – as with much of Croatia – arguably completing the romantic picture.

When it comes to tucking into local cuisine, the island is particularly well served by eateries with enticing menus full of native dishes – largely dominated by seafood – and wine that is produced in Vis itself.

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TOP 5 things to do on Vis Island

1. Sail out to the Blue Cave on Bisevo for a truly spectacular experience. The natural phenomenon is famous for its combination of shades of blue and silver that reflect beautifully under the Adriatic sun.

2. Visit the island’s premier museums containing a wealth of fascinating exhibits from the past. The Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Fisheries are among the very best.

3. Take in a performance by local a cappella-style singers for a rich cultural experience.

4. Spend time in the major settlements of Vis and Komiza, each of which offers a unique and warm welcome. The latter is said to have one of the ultimate climates of anywhere in the Adriatic region.

5. Go diving off the coast of Vis with an experienced professional capable of pointing out a number of shipwrecks, caves and other hidden treasures below the water’s surface.

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Vis is a beautiful spot that is best shared with a loved one.

The medieval cities of Vis and Komiza are likely to be among the highlights for couples who want a little more than sun from their break and are, as a result, focused on soaking up the culture as much as the rays.

Elsewhere, people who wander out on to the sandy soil that makes up the landmass will find an ample supply of vineyards.

In a country that is renowned for its production of high-quality wine, Vis is arguably the jewel in the crown as its terrain and climate are spot-on for makers of the alcoholic beverage.

Vis is perhaps best known for its long and colourful history, as it was first inhabited in approximately 3,000 BC and has been home to a number of peoples since.

Today, its population is about 5,000 and it relies heavily on the tourist trade, ensuring all the right facilities are in place for every visitor that has the pleasure of arriving on its land.