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Split Villa Rental Croatia

Holiday Villas to Rent near Split, Croatia Accommodation in Split Region – Rent Villa Split Croatia

Villas in Split
Split villa rentals is one of the most popular requests from guests wishing to holiday in Croatia. To get the best out of your Split holiday, Croatian Villas recommends either renting in Split City Centre itself – in the green district of Marjan or within 20 minutes’ walk of the Old Town – or to take a holiday villa around 30-45 minutes’ drive from the city. Split suburbs tend to be industrialised; just a few minutes’ further along the coast are some of the most beautiful seaside areas in Croatia.

Croatia Tips: To holiday within easy reach of Split, the best areas along the coast to the north are between Trogir and Sibenik, all within an hour of Split city centre. South of the city, the best holiday destinations can be found between Podstrana and Brela.