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Top 5 reasons to visit croatia in the autumn

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Croatia in the Autumn

 Sea view in Croatia with little boat  



1. Enjoy the last of the summer sun

The sun is still pretty strong in September and October and generally only marginally less hot than July and August which pretty much makes it perfect holiday weather.




2. Have the beach all to yourself

All the kids are back at school, so if you can travel during this time you can encounter almost empty beaches.

 Sandy beach in Croatia

3. Flight prices drop the moment schools start

Less demand for flights means lower prices and a wide choice of travel dates

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4. Villas and Apartments are up to 50% cheaper than summer prices

Choose from a wide selection of amazing properties at reduced rates.

5. Less restrictions on days of arrivals/departures

Mid-week flights tend to be cheaper than weekend arrivals. Combine a cheaper flight with an attractively priced villa and you can enjoy a fantastic holiday at far lower prices than summer travellers pay.


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